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Who Pressurized NTR For Harikrishna?

18 December 2018 12:59

NTRs father Lakshmaiah had special affection for his grandson Harikrishna who used to study in Nimmakuru in his grandfathers house. NTR felt that grandfathers love for Harikrishna was spoiling his studies and asked his son to come to Madras.  Lakshmaiah who thought NTR asked Harikrishna to come to Madras to introduce him in films, went to the capital city along with grandson. From then on he started pressurizing NTR asking when he will introduce his son Harikrishna on silver screen. NTR who asked Harikrishna to come to Madras for studies, after watching his fathers dreams, got surprised.  When NTR tried postponing the decision saying Chooddam Le, his father thundered Hari to Nuvu cinema teestava. Nanu teeyamantava and even told bhavishyattulo naa manavadu heroga neeku poti vastadani nee bhayam.  NTR who smiled felt that Vijayadashami was the good day in 1968 called popular writer DV Narasaraju to his house. Lakshmaiah who felt contented r.
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