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NOTA Review

05 October 2018 03:23

NOTA Review, What’s Behind:

Vijay Deverakonda has become a heartthrob in youth with the kind of films he has come up with so far. However, he is experimental with NOTA which is a political drama thriller. What kind of result will his new experiment give? Let’s discuss in review part…

NOTA Story Review:

A cinema actor turned politician Vasudev (Nassar), chief minister of the state makes his spoiled son Varun (Vijay Deverakonda) a substitute CM before he gets arrested in a scam. Vasudev is victimized in bomb attack when relieved from prison. Meanwhile, one serious incident brings big change in Varun who takes CM job seriously. But, this irks his own father. Who will win the power game between father and son? Who is behind bomb attack on Vasudev? What is Satyaraj’s connection with Vasudev?

NOTA Artists, Technicians Review:

Director Anand Shankar and his writing team took few real happenings in Tamil Nadu politics as inspiration to pen this subject. What really spoiled the film is immature screenplay, silly instances and weak taking. It appeared more like a patch work of scenes without coherence because of pathetic narrative. For Telugu audience, it hardly has any connecting elements. Anand Shankar nowhere showed his intelligence in dealing the subject which is not apt on a young hero like Vijay Deverakonda who seemed fit for youthful entertainers. They threw complete burden on this young man’s shoulder. What’s more worse is inclusion of uncalled for commercial elements such as songs etc. Sam CS was good in making visuals believable with his background score. But, songs will annoy us to the fullest. Cinematographer Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran is the only one from technical team who did his job efficiently. Editor Raymond Derrick Crasta might be clueless about what is good and what is bad, so he included plenty of unnecessary scenes. Production values of Studio Green are high in standard.

Onto artists, Vijay Deverakonda proved his mettle in different genre films previously. NOTA indeed was a biggest challenge for him. However, Vijay played his role effortlessly. He was impeccably powerful in few key scenes such as addressing media after a massive riot, grabbing people attention with his speech at opposition party.
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